Java interview questions

1. Define your profession and carrer skills.
2. What is the difference between struts and jsf.
3. What the scope of application and request.
4. What is AJAX.
5. Where will you rate yourself in SQL.
6. Do you know any design pattern? if yes describe.
7. What is value binding and component binding.
8. Define lifecycle of richfaces.
9. How does a request completes?
10. What is jsf components?
11. What is component and events in jsf?
12. What did you do for performance inprovement?
13. What is IOC?
14. What is transaction management?
15. What is the life cycle of spring bean?
16. How will you configure spring and hibernate?
17. What is sessionfactory and session?
18. What is generics?
19. what is run time polymerphism?
20. how will you integrate spring in jsf?
21. what is hibernate?
22. what is difference between load and get in hibernate?
23. what is save, update and merge?
24. what is factory pattern?
25. what is spring mvc?
26. how will you integrate hibernate with spring?
27. what is aop?
28. what is criteria?
29. What is criteria and detached criteria?
30. one sql query for group by operation.
31. select second highest salary of an employee from emp table.
32. What is difference between struts and spring.
33 what is difference between jsp and servlet.
34 what is the life cycle of jsp.
35 what is the difference between requestForward method of servlet context and servlet config.

36. How we can instantiate a bean of abstract class having 2 subclasses.

37. How can we maintain a collection having the same order of insertion and unique values of object.

38. How can we use JPA in spring.

39. We have a singleton class and constructor is private, how can we create a bean in spring.

40. What is the mechanism used by Java for maintaining set and HashSet objects.

41. What is the significance of equals and hashCode methods in java and object comparison.

Latest Questions on 16th June 2012.

1. hibernate object joins (per concret class…. etc)
2. list, bag, set, hashmap use in hibernate.
3. How to prevent concurant modification in hibernate.
4. if “null”  is showing in jsp text box. how we can prevent it.
5. how to set initParams in jsp.
6. How to handle runtime exception in jsp.
7. how to show exception on console from jsp.
8. can we pass instances in stateless session bean.
9. what are the importent methods of httprequest object.
10. what is synchronizer token.
11. how do we prevent multiple request submission in struts.
12. what is difference between perform() and execute();
13. What is signifance of SessionFactory in hibernate and Spring.
14. what is action-mapping in struts.
15. how do we pass request from one servlet to another servlet withing the application.
16. How do we use cookies.
17. Define all the operation of Cookies. add, delete, read, upddate and send.
18. How to write jsp custom tag.
19. What is synchronization.
20. What is sql joins.
21. how to get n’th  greatest elemebt from a table.

Ans: select salary from employee e1 where (N-1) = (select count(distinct(e2.salary)) from employee e2 where e2.salary > e1.salary) (N stands for count, which we want to retrieve)
22. What is upcasting and down casting.
23. what is bounded and unbounded in java generics.
24. What is agreegation in java.

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