Creating a JNDI name on IBM WAS

Hi Mikael,

Here are the steps to setup JNDI name for WAS.
This JNDI name must match name given in MASHAService\src\META-INF\persistence.xml

Open WAS admin console.
Click on Resources->JDBC-JDBC Providers
Click New Button after selecting a proper scope.

Give DB2 Jars path. Containing d22jcc.jar, db2jcc_license_cu.jar and db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar

Now Click on Resources->JDBC->Data Sources. Click on data source name that you have created

Now Click on JAAS – J2C authentication data and click on New and fill in all the details
J2c Authentication data created, will look like given below .

Go Back to data source name that you have created earlier.
Fill in the settings, authentication alias, mapping configuration alias, and data source properties as show below.

Click ok and then Need to Save entire configuration by clicking on save link that will appear on top (middle) of the screen, (this is called master configuration).
After saving select data source name and click on Test connection. If it is successful then the data source can be used in the application running on WAS.

Sunil Chauraha

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